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Lambourn Open Day (22/04/11)

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Postby Anonymous on 19 Apr 2011, 17:49 ... poster.jpg

Will anyone on here be attending? I heard their expecting around 7-11,000 people.

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Postby Gingertipster on 19 Apr 2011, 18:40

Yes Mr Wilson,

I go every year.
Concentrating on the flat yards.
I don't usually stay for the afternoon activities.
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Postby Anonymous on 19 Apr 2011, 18:46

Gingertipster wrote:Yes Mr Wilson,

I go every year.
Concentrating on the flat yards.
I don't usually stay for the afternoon activities.

Who do you recommend going to first, I see there is only a short amount of time to see most yards so it would be handy to know the best routes!

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Postby Gingertipster on 19 Apr 2011, 21:59

As I said, I concentrate on flat racing.

You can get a programme when you arrive at any car park, with all horses listed, times of each stable opening etc. It's easy(ish) to find your own way, but...

Usually Istart with Marcus Tregonning which is on its own near Kingswood Stud up above Lambourne(usually opens 8:30am). There are sign posts from the M4 to the Lambourn Open Day.
Then hop in the car and down High Street, straight accross the Xroads, passed Oaksey House and take the second right (of two close together) Sheepdrove Road then right at the fork to Clive Cox.
Back in the car and back to the main Wantage Road (where you turned in to Sheepdrove Road) and turn right. Along the straight mile to another fork. Turn left and there is a car park immediately on the right for Barry Hills and Willie Muir (They usually open 9:30am). Hills is the best yard in Lambourn, allow plenty of time.
Then if you want Nicky Henderson back in the car and travel further along this road to Seven Barrows. If not go back to High Sreet and there is another car parkon the right for Harry Dunlop. Although if time is short (which it usually is) take a right at the Xroads in the centre to one of the Upper Lambourn Car Parks. For John Hills, Blanshard, Usher, Kirk and Osbourne and many more.
The Equine Hospital back along the Upper Lambourn Road is sometimes open. Well worth a visit.
Stables shut at 1:00pm
Car parks at Upper Lambourn are ideal for the Afternoon activities.

The distance betweeen the High Street car park and Upper Lambourne is just about walkable, but it takes time. Don't be tempted to walk between other car parks, you'll be walking miles if you do. Best to travel by car. Although the roads get crowded I've always found there's always enough room in the car parks.

Hope that helps Mr W.
See you there, just keep an eye out for a Ginger idiot, walking around with a Timeform Racehorses Of 2010 in his hand.
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Postby smallbutmighty on 20 Apr 2011, 22:17

We are going for the first time ever (then Badminton Horse Trials for two days at weekend!)

Am really looking forward to it. Am jumping fan so Nicky Hnederson's first on list. Be interested to see Barry Hills' too, and whatever else we can fit in!

Anyone know what is the Lambourn Racing Museum? Have seen mention of it but not where/what or opening times. Worth looking at or not? Not in prefernce to yards - but maybe in afternoon?



Postby Anonymous on 23 Apr 2011, 13:07

After recovering from some heat stroke (Joke) I thought it would be worth mentioning yesterday’s event.

Having got there at 8.30 we was advised by one of the blokes selling tickets to get down Nicky Henderson’s as soon as possible, driving around the corner we was bombarded by 10 horses as one of the blokes at the back was sparking up and kindly thanked us for stopping.

Pretty easy to navigate to the yards especially Nicky Henderson’s which was just a straight road down there although the roads are quite narrow and fecked the alloys, having speculated on the way down whether Henderson would even have Long Run on show it was pleasantly surprising to see him freely available to the public for viewing and touching but he got agitated the longer the morning drew on.

There were two horses on the way in to the yard; a grey I think was Brunston? Anyhow, they was fantastic comedy as both were winding each other up all day long. The one who enjoyed the attention the most was Binocular who sure does love to pose for the cameras! French Opera didn’t receive much attention whilst Finians Rainbow and Oscar Whisky stayed in their boxes for most of the day.

The horses around the back included Tanks For That who was doing a lot of box walking, Dark Shadow who had his own tricks to show in front of the audiences with his tongue lol but I was particularly taken by Darlan who looked really nice and it was a treat to see White Admiral who was lovely. Thought I’d get one of those Long Run scarf’s before leaving for Barry Hills as the books on offer weren’t of much attraction.

Luckily I managed to catch Barry Hills on the way in who signed my programme which was fantastic as he was later occupied with Teddy Grimthorpe who came to inspect the Princes horses (Well I’m 85% sure it was him anyway!). His yard was excellent and most defiantly on par with Nicky Henderson’s. The 2yos were very well behaved in general; I was taken by Angels Will Fall who’s owned by Barry Hills himself and further on through the yard Pure Science looked a nice type aswell. Having managed to get a cracking video with Ransom Note and blissfully unaware I exposed myself on the horse scales shamefully a diet is needed lol. There was a really nice lady who spoke to us about a filly whose a half sister to Ghanaati, unfortunately she explained that she wouldn’t be much of a racehorse although enjoyed the life of being one which brings me onto a horse who regretfully I forgot to note down the name as he/she just randomly fell asleep with their head outside the box ha ha.

With an hour left before most of the yards shut, I thought it would be good try and see Marcus Tregonings yard which was well worth the journey. I thought he had the best facilities of all the yards, would anyone know if that was Tapeta on the gallops? Anyhow very much like Mark Johnston’s visit last year the horses were out of bounds for touching, most were asleep anyway but I did take a keen eye for Elfaaten. The best part of the yard was visiting the stud which had beautiful surroundings, managed to see foals up to 3 days old in there but it was fantastic to see how nature works in particularly how defensive a mother is over their baby and especially to see some of the holder foals characteristics beginning to shine through as one in particularly was naughty in winding the others up.

Basically in summary, a fantastic day in the roasting sunshine in such a lovely area “The Valley of the Horse” with the locals being friendly, everyone was out just having a good time with the families and friends, easy to locate just off the M4 but unfortunately even paying for the afternoon entertainment I didn’t bother going and just wanted some food and headed out to The Pheasant Inn and got a greasy bit of bacon and chips for £7, it had to be done anyway!.

Ps. Will upload some videos and pictures later.

Will be back next year!

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Postby Roseblossom on 23 Apr 2011, 22:43

Mr.Wilson wrote:I was particularly taken by Darlan who looked really nice

and won doing handsprings at Haydock today!

Long Run was just monstrous at the afternoon parade, bucking and kicking his way up and down the field - he wore earplugs when he went to Sandown today. He looked awesome though, so much power.

The highlight for me was seeing my old favourite Fondmort back at Seven Barrows - he came down for the day with his companion, Dempsey, and the two of them also paraded in the afternoon. He looked very well and very content with life; I was there early so I missed what was apparently a touching "reunion" with Mick Fitz.

Geordieland looked in good shape too.

Flat racing isn't really my thing but I did notice quite a lot of Dark Angel 2yos!

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Postby Emerald on 23 Apr 2011, 23:18

Always a sucker for a yard that allows you to make a fuss of the horses with added bonus of friendly staff especially impressed at Brendan Powells and whilst it was a "no touching" rule at Stan Moore - impressed they made such an effort to tell you about each individual horse. Those "little extras" mean the most to me. Whilst very touching to see the Erics Charm tribute at Oliver Sherwood - surprised so little detail about his horses - once upon a time he used to do the same as Stan Moore and give a detailed description of each horse in his care. As usual whilst enjoyed afternoon events - the parade of champions was somewhat chaotic in its deliverance to the public - Mr Francis never seems to know which horse is which and we in turn, Joe Public become equally confused! All in all though a great day.

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Postby pilgarlic on 24 Apr 2011, 00:24

Agree it`s nice to go to a yard like Brendan Powell`s - no world beaters but a good mix of types and a friendly welcome. I was amused that in the bit of the yard taken by Seamus Durack the `This horse bites` warning was up for about 40% of them. Also staggered up to C. Mann`s where the pink shirted, orange trousered one was looking a bit bored but was kind enough to offer a handshake. Thankfully got the Mann Jeep Cherokee shuttle back to the main part of Upper Lambourn as I was clapped out by then.
Had a quick look at the yards of Natalie Lloyd Beavis, Paul Fitzsimmons which seems to house all the Raymond Tooth horses and Jamie Osborne.

Started and finished at two trainers whose yards were open when I first visited in 1987 when the jumping yards had a great deal more strength in depth. Henderson at 8.30 where I managed to pat a couple of horses without being thrown out - it usually has him doing his pieces, and Sherwood.

Yards not open included for the first time in my experience Weathercock House.

Despite the shocking decline in the jumping yards it remains a lovely day out - I don`t bother at all with the the afternoon japes unless the parade of champions is scheduled early.



Postby Anonymous on 25 Apr 2011, 20:51

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Postby MoleHorse on 26 Dec 2012, 15:49

Roseblossom wrote:
Mr.Wilson wrote:I was particularly taken by Darlan who looked really nice

and won doing handsprings at Haydock today!

He's turned out to be some horse, good find sir!

Are you going next year? Looking forward to seeing who you can give us.


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