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I'm Fed Up With Everyone Moaning

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Postby Pompete on 22 Feb 2010, 21:07

Despite how we all feel at times this is still a great country full of decent, hardworking and honest people and many things we can all be proud of. So, I propose we make list.

I’ll start with:

Great Ormond Street Hospital – a truly world class hospital full of hardworking, dedicated truly amazing doctors and nurses…
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Postby graysonscolumn on 22 Feb 2010, 22:19

When I buy a pint of milk on the way home from work
I think "I bought that with the money I earnt"
"Working all week long in a job I like"
And it leads me to think about my whole life
Like the friends I've got and the flat I have
And the fact that I am acting like a full-grown man
And the best thing about this Babylon I've built
Is that I got it all out of a pint of milk

And I guess
That I am Easily Impressed
Oh Yeah yeah yeah, yes YES
Easily Impressed

I like a posh cup of coffee with a plastic spout
The ease of navigation of the London Underground
A Remington Strimmer for a hairy nose
The futuristic possibilities of Mobile Phones
Email! Dinosaurs! Washing Machines!
The trams of Sheffield! Vegetarian Cheese!
It's a string of epiphanies every day
That's my philosophy, although some might say (or suggest)

That I am Easily Impressed
Oh yeah yeah yeah, yes YES
Easily Impressed

(Oi! Hibbett!)
How may I help you?
(You don't really mean that)
Well, I'm afraid I do, you see
Given the chance to choose or pick
Between despairing of life or taking delight in it
I'll take the latter
Because it makes me happy
And surely that's what it's all about?
The wonders of the world
Be it mountains or taking a taxi
Childbirth or real draught bitter in a can
Love or microwaved popcorn
Oh yeah yeah yeah, yes YES.
I guess I'm Easily Impressed
Oh yeah yeah yeah, yes YES
Easily Impressed

- "Easily Impressed", (c) 2003 MJ Hibbett & The Validators
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Postby Onthesteal on 23 Feb 2010, 02:06

Our sense of polital correctness is sometimes OTT, but our superb BBC have surely hit the nail on the head with Strictly come wheely-wheelchair dancing on BBC3, no?

The great british sense of humour has to be high on the list...

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Postby Pompete on 23 Feb 2010, 12:10

An excellent start:

# Great Ormond Street Hospital
# Our Soldiers, Sailors and RAF
# Leavesden Film Studios
# MJ Hibbett & The Validators HERE
# The Great British Sense of Humour

I'm also going to add, Vince Cable a wise man that IMV represents all that is good and should be aspired to in our politicians and Macmillan Nurses a friend of mine died a couple of years ago within six months of being diagnosed with Stomach Cancer - the care and support he and his family recieved from the Macmillan Trust and the Macmillan Nurses was really quite a humbling experience.
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Cavelino Rampante

Postby Cavelino Rampante on 23 Feb 2010, 13:21

The most polite drivers.
The best comedians.
The most culturally diverse but well integrated capital city anywhere.
Incredibly talented and creative musicians - Massive Attack, Radiohead, The Jesus and Mary Chain, good examples.
The best broadcasting service.
So we will batten down the hatches, throw the children overboard, lock up anyone who protests and continue to elect liars who double cross us. Another day in the Banana Republic.

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Postby apracing on 23 Feb 2010, 13:30

The British Landscape.

The view from the stands at Cheltenham or Goodwood is sublime.

The countryside you drive through to reach Ludlow or Hereford, or Wincanton is still spectacular and mostly unspoilt. I only really appreciated it when I returned to the UK after two years in deserts of Kuwait.


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Postby seabird on 23 Feb 2010, 14:32

"The best broadcasting service."

...........are you referring to the BBC there, Cav?


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Ugly Mare

Postby Ugly Mare on 23 Feb 2010, 17:33

..get fed up with it too Pete :)
I like the choices of several above, otherwise...

The National Trust, I love what they do with these country houses and their huge gardens they've taken over that might otherwise have fallen into disrepair.

Cheltenham and Royal Ascot - both unmissable and nothing like it anywhere else in the world I'd have thought.

London born and Unitarian Universalist, Tim Berners-Lee -
.... I think he must be God..

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Postby insomniac on 23 Feb 2010, 20:28

One or two of my posts on here moan - a little :roll:
But, believe it or not, I'm really a very happy old git and do appreciate how lucky I am to be alive and healthy and living in a relatively prosperous country.
As I'm sure I've said on a previous post, we live in a golden age. My generation has never had conscription or to fight a "world" war as our grandfathers and fathers had to; never had to run to a bomb-shelter.
Nowadays no-one in Britain knows what REAL poverty is.
We've all got food to eat, a roof over our heads and luxuries our parents and grandparents could only dream about.
More TV channels and means of recording them than you could shake a stick at - and remote control too.
A greater variety of food and drink obtainable by all than ever before. The NHS, free education, AND we even have a national football team that's capable of winning the World Cup again (but probably won't).
We've got the internet, Premier League soccer live on Sky & ESPN, dedicated racing channels, more ways to bet than soft mick....I could go on.
This is the only existence we'll have before eternal oblivion so don't waste time being depressed or moaning too much.
So Pompete, prompted by your thread, this is a non-moaning post from me.
Good luck to everyone.

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Postby Drone on 23 Feb 2010, 21:29

Good post Insomniac: having provided such a stirring and satisfying post I'm sure you'll sleep well tonight :)

we've never had it so good - so said an Old Etonian from another age

Nice stuff all round on this thread too

The British Landscape - yes indeedy APR. So much variety in such a small island

The NHS qualifies as a whole I think Pompete, worthy though your choices are. We should all be tremendously proud of it

BBC Radio in its entirety too I think Marble. The World Service whilst not playing the vital communicative role it did pre-internet remains a jewel in the beeb's - and the UK's - crown. Also have a soft spot for Radio 3: a smallish, niche market gifted a national radio station - lovely that

I'd add

The Jury System - 12 good men and true

Our Democracy - although it's in danger of being eroded I do still believe there would be few other countries that would a) initiate a Chilcot Enquiry and b) subject past ministers-of-state to the degree of interrogation that Blair et al received. Certainly not the 'land of the free' across the pond I'd suggest

Reference Libraries

Museums and Art Galleries

Cathedrals and Churches

Tetley's Bitter and Mild brewed in Hunslet, though not for much longer it appears :(

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Neil Watson

Postby Neil Watson on 23 Feb 2010, 22:31

Here are some of my favourite things

Horse Racing

Live Music Concerts

British Comedy

Train Travel




Radio 2

Shopping on Manchester on a Sunday

British Countryside

BBC Dramas

Friends and Family

The Internet


The Bulldog Spirit in times of Crisis

Real Ale

Strangers who say Hello to you on a train and you feel like they have been a friend all of your life

The Whicker Man

Un PC comdedians

Helping someone in time of need

A Cup of Tea and a Biscuit

McDonalds Breakfasts

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Postby moehat on 23 Feb 2010, 22:50

Ladybird Books [don't suppose anyone has a copy of 'Ned the Lonely Donkey' that they no longer want?



Postby Anonymous on 24 Feb 2010, 11:44

Not uniquely British, but however did we manage without it? 8)


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